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Dental pain can account for various oral issues, from cavities and tooth decay to dental abscesses. It’s essential to seek a dentist if you have trauma to the mouth. Here at Urgent Dental Care, we have the knowledge, experience, and technology to treat your condition and give you the quality dental care you need!

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Immediate Pain Relief in Edina, MN

Nearly everyone will face a dental emergency at some point in their lives. At Urgent Dental Care office, our team of dentists and specialists is here for any urgent dental problem that arises. Whether you have a toothache, a lost dental crown, or any other situation that needs urgent attention, contact our office and we'll make your emergency a priority.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Numerous situations can arise with your oral health that can be considered a dental emergency. With many of them, the sooner we can see you and provide expert treatment, the better the outcomes will be.

Even though all dental emergencies require prompt attention, some are definitely more critical than others. The following helpful information is a general guideline, however, and the first step is always to call your Corona emergency dentist.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

A chipped or broken tooth is not an urgent emergency and can wait a day or two unless you are in pain. Even if you aren’t in pain, however, we still need to see you to smooth out the edges of the broken or chipped tooth and determine if further treatment like a dental crown is necessary.

Lost or Broken Dental Work

If you have a loose crown or filling, or it comes out entirely, we need to see you promptly, but not necessarily the same day. Wrap the lost crown or broken pieces of the filling in tissue and bring them with you to your appointment.

Toothaches, from Mild to Severe

A toothache means that a cavity or infection has reached the nerve inside your tooth. The first step is to call Dental Care of Corona and tell us what kind of pain you are experiencing.

Tooth pain can range from tolerable to excruciating, making it impossible for you to function. If you are in such severe pain that you can’t think straight, you are in danger of losing your tooth. If the pain is due to an infected root canal, the situation can become life-threatening if we don’t take immediate action. 

In the case of severe tooth pain, we will see you as soon as possible the same day. A mild toothache, however, may be able to wait until our next available appointment. Whatever your needs are, rest assured that our priority is to get you out of pain as soon as possible. 

Knocked-Out Tooth

Knocked-out teeth are more common than you might think, but you must act quickly if this happens to you. If you take the proper steps, and we can see you within two hours, there’s a fair chance we can successfully re-implant the tooth.

Call our Corona dental office right away or have a friend call so we can prepare for your arrival.  

Hold the tooth by the crown only, and do not touch the root or disturb any of the soft tissue still attached to it. You must keep the tooth root moist, and it’s best if you can hold it in your cheek pocket or even under your tongue. If this is not possible, place it in a container of your saliva or milk, not tap water.

Call Urgent Dental Care in Edina, MN

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, our Urgent Dental Care dentists are here for you. Call us at (612) 800 8006, so we can provide the prompt treatment and relief you need.

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Was founded in 1998 on the cornerstone of building strong patient relationships. Our state-of-the-art family practice enables our patients to get the best possible care when and where they need it in a calming atmosphere.

Your smile, and therefore your teeth are very important to us which is why every treatment is individually tailored to your needs.

Dr. Bashar Alkabbani

Dr. Bashar Alkabbani - Urgent Dental Care

Urgent Dental Care in Edina MN, Offers immediate access to comprehensive emergency dental care services that includes; Sedation Dentistry, Laser Treatment, Cosmetic Dentistry, Ceramic fillings (CEREC), Teeth Whitening, Root Canal Treatment, Oral Surgery, Periodontal Surgery, Children’s Dentistry, and Regular checkups.


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Google review

Will Rhodes

Left us a review on Google

My partner was up all night in writhing pain. We were able to get an appointment at 10am the next day. I was nervous they would not extract the tooth, nervous it would cost a fortune (no insurance), nervous the facility and doctors …

10 months ago

Google review

Stacy Xiong

Left us a review on Google

Had an emergency and called Saturday morning got an appointment for same day. Got 2 teeth extracted same appointment. Very friendly and very helpful especially since it was our first time here. Employer insurance accepted. So it was not overly expensive.

a year ago

Google review

Erin Gaston

Left us a review on Google

I would definitely recommend this dental office! I called in the morning and they were able to get me in that day! No issues, no pain. Staff was very friendly, informative and caring!

a month ago

Google review

Diane Jackson

Left us a review on Google

Dr. Rizzo was beyond Professional and fast! Amy his dental assistant calmed my fear immediately after I sat down! I came in with a broken, badly infected tooth. They worked quickly and very efficiently! I was surprised how fast and painlessly he was able to remove that tooth! I give not a 5 star review, but a 10+!
Thank you so much Dr. Rizzo and Amy!

3 months ago

Google review

Erin Gaston

Left us a review on Google

Saddly I dont know the exact names of each staff member that worked with me during my visit, but I am highly satisfied with all the service recieved here. I have been to many dental places, but this one blown my mind away with all the …

3 months ago

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Experts in Dental Emergencies, Same day Implants, Crowns, Root Canal Treatment, Painless dentistry, Sedation, Oral surgery, Dental trauma, and same day treatment

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • have a toothache! How soon can you see me?

    Dental emergencies are no fun, especially when it involves a toothache! Our goal at Urgent Dental Care in Edina MN is to see you as possible to provide the pain-relieving treatment you need.

    We aim to accommodate our patients for same-day dental emergencies. The first step is to call us, so our knowledgeable dental team can provide the support and assistance you need and get you on our schedule the same day.

    Our experienced emergency dentists can relieve your tooth pain or any other urgent situation you or a family member is facing, including:

    Lost tooth crowns and fillings
    Broken, chipped, or cracked teeth
    Jaw pain or swelling
    Tender, swollen, or bleeding gums
    Dental trauma like knocked-out teeth

    We can help you with all these issues, and we also commonly perform emergency root canals and tooth extractions for our patients when needed. The first step is to get you in front of one of Our experienced emergency dentists as soon as possible so they can evaluate your needs and make treatment recommendations.

  • I knocked out my tooth. What should I do?

    Knocking out a tooth can be stressful and upsetting. But there’s no need to worry! Your emergency dentist in Urgent Dental Care in Edina MN can quickly fix your problem and relieve your pain.

    When a tooth uproots from its socket, time is of the essence. Act quickly, and see the nearest dentist within 30 minutes of the injury to increase the chances of saving the tooth.

    If your tooth has fallen out, please contact Urgent Dental Care in Edina MN immediately.

    Tips for Saving Your Tooth:

    Locate the tooth and only touch the crown (the chewing surface or top part of the tooth).
    Gently rinse the tooth with water if it’s dirty. Do not dry the tooth with a cloth or tissue.
    If possible, carefully reposition the tooth in its socket. You can softly bite down to hold it in place or hold it with your fingers.
    Keep the tooth moist at all times. Please do not touch the tooth with a tissue or cloth, and do not dry it. It can either stay moist in your mouth if you place it in the socket, hold it in your mouth next to your cheek, or put it in a cup of water. You may also put it in an emergency tooth preservation kit.
    See a dentist or endodontist within 30 minutes of the accident and bring your tooth with you to the dentist if you can. 



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Urgent Dental Care in Edina MN, Offers immediate access to comprehensive emergency dental care services that includes; Sedation Dentistry, Laser Treatment, Cosmetic Dentistry, Ceramic fillings (CEREC), Teeth Whitening, Root Canal Treatment, Oral Surgery, Periodontal Surgery, Children’s Dentistry, and Regular checkups.

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